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The 11plus.eu website provides advice and information about 11+ exams and Children's Educational Material for the 11+ (CEM 11+).

The CEM 11+™ site includes advice on how to prepare for 11plus exams and material suitable for preparation for 11+ tests. This site includes 11+ tests in regions that have adopted tests set by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring® at the University of Cambridge® as well as GL Assessment/NFER®.

The advice provided on this site is our opinion based upon analysis of previous tests and preparation methods used parents and guardians for their children.

We do not believe that any eleven plus exam is tutor proof. We also believe parental tuition is no different to private tuition. Preparation is preparation, and whether paid for or free, it is essential. So many times we have seen bright children fail to win a grammar school place simply because they were not prepared. Don't believe the comments that an 11+ is tutor proof or preparation is not necessary. For most children (not all), this is not the case. Preparation usually improves performance.

It is often difficult to decide which Children's Educational Material (C.E.M.) is relevant to the 11+. English or Verbal Reasoning, undoubtedly requires a rich vocabulary. There is no substitute for reading. For those who dislike reading, learning word lists is a practical alternative. An appreciation of synonyms and antonyms is vital as well as varied word usage. Some activities such as crosswords, jumbled up sentences and games such as Scrabble may seem irrelevant, but provide a useful way to increase vocabulary and understand sentence construction and should not be dismissed, just because such questions are not directly asked in a particular 11+ tests.

Mathematics often tests understanding and often involves word based problems as opposed to the statement of calculations. This tests the ability to understand which information is required to calculate a solution.

We do not believe every child requires private tuition. Tuition can be undertaken by parents or children can prepare themselves. It depends upon the child, circumstances and ability. Tuition is expensive, and there are many sites that offer free material. Focussed websites for 11+ preparation are often a cost effective solution.

Some people believe a grammar school place is equivalent to a private school education, and saves them £10k a year, or £70k+ over seven years. Online preparation solutions can cost as little as £50 a month or £600 a year. This is a small price compared to the potential savings. Even at minimum wage, this is is lower cost that a parent spending 2 hours a week with a child, and for professionals or higher earners, hardly half an hour a week.

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