WordBuilder: Building Your Vocabulary.

Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and pronunciation are the foundations of both written and spoken English. WordBuilder is a virtual, interactive word tutor that makes the process of learning spelling and word definitions both fun and easy. WordBuilder is an invaluable spelling tutor for young children and vocabulary builder for older children and a great tool for learning eleven plus words and 11+ word lists.

WordBuilder is suitable from reception to secondary school and beyond. Words are presented in lists, where students can learn spellings, definitions, antonyms and synonyms all at the click of a button, from a dictionary and thesaurus of choice. It allows students to practise their spelling home work, practise spelling words from past Sats papers and practice for eleven plus exams, all online with instant marking. Words from The National Literacy Strategy lists for schools, covering year 3 to 6 curriculum are also included and personal customised word lists can be created.

The system allows students to improve their vocabulary. Word meanings, definitions, antonyms and cloze passages are tested via multiple choice questions. It not only supports spelling and meanings, but improves keyboard skills. A conundrum feature challenges children to solve jumbled letters. The audio feature helps in pronunciation too.

WordBuilder is suitable for all children and covers KS1, KS2, KS3 and beyond. WordBuilder SATs Year 6 and 11+/secondary school lists are primed for vocabulary building and testing. Lists for Reception to Year 6 are focused on correct spelling, but can also be used for vocabulary building.

WordBuilder is a vital tool for comprehension, verbal reasoning and cloze test preparation and useful CEM 11+ (Children's Educational Material for the 11+). It is ideal for preparing for 11+ tests set by CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® and GL Assessment® (especially for the Verbal Reasoning sections of the eleven plus tests used in Birmingham; Walsall; Wolverhampton; Gloucestershire; Reading; Slough; Shropshire; Warwickshire, Henrietta Barnett; Bexley; Buckinghamshire, and CCHS, Essex) as well as private or independent school entrance exams.

This English word builder an ideal tool to help expand vocabulary for eleven-plus exams that focus on vocabulary.

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