Understanding Outsourcing

Do you need to cut costs?

Do you want to outsource, But think you are too small?

Do you want to employ educated staff at unbelievable rates?

We have a solution.

We have an English speaking off-site facility suitable for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) where you can outsource your work for less than the UK minimum wage cost per hour.

A Variety of operations can be outsourced.

  • Technical and Customer support desks. E.g answering email from clients.
  • Human Resource activities including vacancy monitoring
  • Database searching, CV screening and processing for agencies
  • Online testing and voice based technical testing for recruitment
  • Data entry including data conversion, Forms processing, data processing, Surveys, Questionnaires, warranty registration and coupon processing
  • Corporate Research
  • Technical analysis and reporting including claims processing
  • Database updates maintenance
  • Mailing activities
  • Website hosting and support services
  • Software Development & Support
  • Virtually any role (not requiring personal presence) can be outsourced

Consultants can be specially trained in any deemed necessary

You can use the services of our English Speaking Employees to work on your own company projects. It's like having your own Graduate "employee" at a cost you simply cannot match in the UK.

Our facility is based in India we employ English educated, English speaking graduates. We have excellent communication links with broadband connection. We can offer Skpe based video calls and conference calls without additional charge.

We are a UK based company offering UK support with remote workers offsite.

Major large corporates have outsourced to India. I am sure you are aware of numerous call centres and customer service centres in India eg from BA, BT, 3G to name a few.

You too, can compete head on and join the outsourcing revolution, lower your costs, increase productivity and increase your profits and offer a better service.

Take the first step to outsourcing and contact Alpha-Tek to see how we can help.

Cost Example

If you emplo someone on minimum rate in the UK the costs would be as below:

Lets assume:

The working week in 40 hours per week and payments are on a monthly basis

Holidays are the statutory 20 days plus 8 days bank holidays = 28 days paid holidays per year

Rate of pay : Minimum salary (Jan 201) = £6.50 per hour

Total working days per year = (52 weeks X 5 days per week) - (holidays) = 260 - 28 = 232 days

Yearly gross salary = £6.50 x 40 X 52 weeks per year = £13,520.00 per year

Employers NI = £63.75 per month X 12 = £765 per year

Total Employment Cost = £13,520 + £765 (per year) = £14,285 per year

True employment cost per day = £14,285 / 232 [annual cost divided by days worked] = £61.57

True employment cost per hour = £61.57 / 8 [hours worked per day = 8] = £7.70 per hour

This excludes sick pay, benefits, bonuses, not to mention Computer and furniture costs, office running costs and management costs etc, which obviously increases costs.

So, the actual cost of employing a 22 year old graduate at minimum salary is more than £7.50 per hour. Considering the above, the true cost may be closer to £8 per hour.

Consider the average starting salary of a graduation in 2014 is around c£24,000 per year. This equates to a basic cost of £14.12 per hour, almost twice the minimum wage. In reality it is very difficult to employ a graduate at minimum salary and then retain them.

We have the solution.

You can use the services of a graduate at less than the minimum rate costs by using our services. You don't pay for office space, utilities, sick pay etc. We include all this, and manage them too. The costs of a graduate without commercial experience would be double our costs and four times the cost of a person with similar experience offshore. You could use the services of 3-4 people offshore at the same cost of one UK based employee. What could that do for your business?

We will even equip the consultants with a computer and broadband internet access.


Our costs are as low as £7.50 per hour including office space. Contact us for full details.

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